Sani Seal Toilet Gasket A Waxless Toilet Seal

The wax free Sani Seal Toilet Gasket makes the unpleasent job of changing the wax ring under a toilet much easier. Have you ever had to change the wax ring on a toilet? If you have I’m sure you quickly discovered that the quick and easy DIY project can soon become frustrating. Projects don’t always go quite as easily as they should but, the Sani Seal Toilet Gasket (a waxless toilet seal) can make the job of replacing a toilet gasket a simpler task.


Over the years I’ve had the unfortunate need to change many toilet rings, and changing a toilet gasket used to be a job I dreaded; I would always find some excuse to postpone the project as long as possible. First, you have to deal with the unpleasant task of removing the old messy and usually mold covered wax ring. Next, you have to reset the toilet while aligning the toilet over the bolts and preventing the wax ring from moving out of position, this always proved to be a problem for me. But, finally I stumbled upon the perfect solution (a wax free seal), the SaniSeal Toilet Gasket, and I believe this waxless toilet gasket from Sani Seal is the simplest toilet seal to use and install. The material appears to be very resilient and flexible; and since the seal is re-usable it allows the installer several chances to install the toilet without worrying about ruining the seal. If you’re looking for a no muss, no fuss, easy, wax free solution for a toilet seal, the sani seal gasket (a waxless toilet seal) will fill the need.


The Wax Free Sani Seal Toilet Gasket Features:

Sani Seal Toilet Gasket

  • Made from flexible and durable materials, the gasket keeps its shape to allow for a trouble free installation or reinstallation
  • No mess, wax free and can be reused and repositioned
  • Its design keeps the bolts upright and in place to provide an easy installation for one person
  • The gasket remains in-place
  • Will fit all flanges (even the older cast iron) and standard toilets
  • Universal fit
  • Gaskets can be stacked
  • Easy to install and can be reinstalled
  • Works great in both hot and cold temperatures and can be used with radiant heated floors


With a price tag around $13 the sani seal gasket may seem a bit expensive when you compare it to a basic wax ring that you can pick up for about $1. However, when you consider there is no messy wax to deal with, no installation hassles, and they can be reused, they start to look pretty attractive. I used one for the first time about three years ago and it made the job so easy that I would gladly pay twice the price for one. The Wax Free Sani Seal Toilet Gasket is the only toilet gasket I plan to use whenever I need to install a toilet.

The Sani Seal Gasket gets great reviews. In fact, it has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 with over 200 – 5 star reviews alone. If your still not sure about the Saniseal gasket, check out what others think about this product.

See Detailed Information, Pricing and Reviews on the Wax Free Sani Seal Gasket.

Sani Seal Waxless Toilet Gasket



Sani Seal Toilet Gasket Installation


Sani Seal Summary

Sani Seal Toilet Gasket ReviewI mentioned earlier just how much I disliked changing the wax ring on a toilet. I knew it would never go right the first time and I would spend way too much time completing the job. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $100 or more to have a plumber come out just to replace a $2 wax ring. Instead, I would set aside a day, make a trip to the home improvement store and pick up at least three wax rings since I knew I wouldn’t get it right the first (or probably second time). But, the Sani Seal Toilet Gasket definitely fixed that problem.

In the above video they show just how easily and quickly you can install a Sani Seal toilet gasket. Well, I agree with the easy part and it is much quicker but I know I can’t change it in just over 2 minutes. However, I was able to reduce the time from the better part of a day to around 30 – 40 minutes from start to finish. I recommend you do yourself a favor and save yourself a lot of time and aggravation and try the Sani Seal Gasket.

Additional Wax Free Toilet Seals

From personal experience I feel the Sani Seal Toilet Gasket is the best wax free toilet seal on the market. However, there are other wax free seals available. If you’re not sure about the Sani Seal gasket you may be interested in comparing it against one of the other waxless toilet seals below.


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Sani Seal Toilet Gasket A Waxless Toilet Seal — 2 Comments

  1. I have several rental properties and always have to change toilets. Using the wax toilet rings was always a big headache for me. A couple of years ago I started using the Sani Seal Toilet Gasket and it made things much simpler, Sani Seal gets my vote as the best toilet seal.

  2. I used the sani seal waxless toilet gasket for the first time, made the job of changing a toilet very easy.