Best Whey Protein Powder Supplement Review

The Best Whey Protein Powder Supplements Review for 2019! We cover the top rated whey protein powder supplements including Whey Isolate & Whey Blends.

When it comes to protein, many people don’t realize that all proteins are not created equally and some proteins, whey for example, are better than others. Whey protein contains amino acids, which are quickly absorbed by the body and studies indicate that whey protein can help to boost strength, increase muscle and cut body fat.  Trying to boost your lean muscle mass? Check out this FREE report Here on my site.

For this reason, whey protein has become the primary supplement of choice for many athletes and bodybuilders alike simply because it is an excellent source of protein. Several years ago whey protein was used mainly by body builders but, today whey protein is used by many individuals that are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.

However, whey protein isn’t the only Muscle Building Supplement you should consider if you’re looking to build muscle. I reveal the most important Muscle Building Supplements in my article HERE.

Best Whey Protein Powder to lose weightIn recent years, whey protein has been the focus of a number of studies and it has been discovered that there are a number of possible health benefits that can be obtained from using whey protein including:

  • Fat Loss
  • Help with Weight Management
  • Increased Muscle Mass & Strength
  • Helps Fight Cancer
  • Improve Your Immune System
  • Lower Stress
  • Decreased Hunger
  • Increase Serotonin Levels
  • Decrease Blood Pressure
  • Help Treat HIV Symptoms
  • Boost Performance

If you’re interested, I have included a section containing more information about whey protein following my review. In this section I cover the different types of whey protein, the benefits and possible side affects.

Best Whey Protein Powder Comparison & Reviews

Trying to select the best whey protein powder available can seem like an impossible task. With well over 100 different protein powders on the market there’s a wide variety to choose from but, what most people don’t realize is that the majority of them aren’t worth your hard earned money.

The proteins found in whey are normally a pure, very high quality protein, loaded with essential amino acids. However, not all whey protein supplements are created using the proper standards to provide a pure, high quality product. We’ve done the legwork and sifted through the numerous protein powders in order to present the Whey Protein Powders that can provide you with a quality whey protein powder and get you the most bang for your buck!

Best Whey Protein Quick Comparison

Whey Protein Supplement
List Price
# 5
COR Performance Whey Protein
4.2 / 5.0
# 4
NOW Sports Whey Protein Isolate
4.2 / 5.0
NOW Foods
# 3
SYNTHA-6 Whey Isolate Protein Powder
4.4 / 5.0
# 2
Platinum 100% ISO Whey Supplement
5.0 / 5.0
# 1 - Best Seller
100% Whey Gold Standard Whey Protein
4.5 / 5.0
Optimum Nutrition


Best Whey Protein Powder Reviews – Top 5 Whey Proteins

#5 – Cellucor’s COR Performance Whey Protein

Best Whey IsolateCellucor’s whey protein is a blended whey protein supplement combining both Whey Protein Isolates and Whey Protein Concentrate. COR Performance is a 100% Whey Protein that delivers a fast digesting, pure 25 grams of protein in every serving. This whey protein offers great mix ability and has some of the best flavors available.

COR Performance Highlights:

  • Mixes instantly
  • Fast digesting
  • Stimulant free
  • Low carbohydrate
  • 100% whey protein
  • 25 grams of protein
  • 5.5 grams of bcaas

Click for More Information on Cellucor’s COR Performance Whey Protein


#4 – NOW ‘s Whey Protein Isolate

Best Whey IsolateNOW’s Whey Protein Isolate is a quality protein, easy to digest and is bio-available. If you’re looking for a pure and quality whey protein, it’s going to be hard to find anything comparable to this one. Since Now’s whey protein doesn’t contain artificial ingredients its ideal for individual’s that are sensitive to products such as Aspartame or Sucralose.

NOW Foods Whey Protein Isolate Highlights:

  • No artificial ingredients
  • Mixes instantly
  • Micro-filtered
  • High concentration of BCAA’s
  • No artificial sweeteners – (No Aspartame / Sucralose /Acesulfame-K)

Click for More Information on NOW’s Whey Protein Isolate


#3 – BSN’s Syntha 6 Isolate Protein Powder

best whey protein powder Isolate to lose weightIf you want a whey protein powder that’s 100% Isolate your search is over. BSN’s Syntha 6 is a 50/50 blend of Whey Protein Isolate and Milk Protein Isolate. The unique formulation of Syntha 6 can help to support:

  • Muscle growth
  • Increased strength
  • Muscle enhancement
  • Improve recovery
  • Help cut body fat and manage weight
  • Excellent nutrition source

Syntha 6 Highlights:

  • 100% isolate protein
  • 25 grams of protein
  • 11 grams of essential amino acids (EAAs)
  • Excellent post workout recovery choice

Click for More Information on BSN’s Syntha 6 Isolate Protein Powder


#2 – MuscleTech’s Platinum 100% ISO Whey Protein Supplement

best whey protein powder Isolate to lose weightIf you want whey protein powder than can help you add pure muscle and boost your strength you need to give MuscleTech’s Platinum Whey Protein a good hard look.

In a recent study, subjects using MuscleTech Platinum gained over 5 pounds of pure muscle and increased their bench weight by 14 pounds. MuscleTech Platinum is a 100% whey isolate blend (Whey Protein Isolate & Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate) that’s rapidly absorbed by the body.

The isolates in Platinum provide you with the highest biological value (BV) protein fractions. (A high BV equates to more muscle building power).

MuscleTech’s Whey Protein Isolate Highlights:

  • Mixes instantly
  • Fast digesting
  • Award winning taste
  • 100% Whey Protein Isolate
  • 25 grams of protein
  • 5.6 grams of bcaas
  • 4.4 grams of glutamine & precusor
  • 0.5 grams of fat

Click for More Information on MuscleTech’s Platinum Whey Protein Isolate Supplement


#1 – Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Whey Gold Standard

best whey protein powder to lose weightIf you’ve been using whey protein powders for a while, then you’ll be able to spot a great whey protein when you stumble upon it and Optimum Nutrition is the one. Whey Gold Standard is made in the U.S. in GMP compliant facilities and uses pure Whey Protein Isolates as the main ingredient. If you’re looking for a whey protein powder that’s pure, easy to mix and has an exceptional taste; Optimum Nutrition’s Whey Protein is the answer.

Optimum Nutrition Highlights:

  • Gold Standard Quality and Great value
  • Loaded with whey protein isolates
  • 24 grams of protein
  • 4 grams of glutamine & glutaminc
  • 5.5 grams of bcaas
  • Mixes easily

Click for More Information on Optimum Nutrition’s Whey Gold Standard


Best Selling Whey Protein on Amazon

Our review covered the Best Whey Protein Powders (Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Blends) available however, we thought you might be interested in seeing what others are buying. These are the Top Selling Whey Protein Powders on Amazon!

Additional Whey Protein Information

What is Whey Protein?
Whey protein is nothing more than the protein found in whey. It’s basically the water like liquid portion of milk, a by product that is separated from curds during the production of cheese. A drying process then removes the liquid from the whey leaving a powder used as a supplement in protein powders and shakes. Whey proteins are a blend of:

  • Beta-lactoglobulin
  • Alpha-lactalbumin
  • Bovine serum albumin
  • Immunoglobins


The 3 Main Types of Whey Protein:

There are three main types of Whey Protein on the market. The main difference between them is cost, purity, percentage of protein and digestibility.

Whey Protein Concentrate – The percentage of protein found in Whey Protein Concentrate varies from 25% to 89%. Many of the whey protein powder supplements sold today that are whey protein concentrate usually fall around the 80% protein range.

Whey Protein Isolate – This is the purest type of whey protein and usually has between 90-95% protein. Whey Protein Isolate is normally low in fat and has little or no lactose (ideal for lactose intolerant individuals). However, Whey Protein Isolate tends to be more expensive when compared to Whey Protein Concentrate since it has a higher percentage of protein and is more pure.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein – This is usually the most expensive Whey Protein. Hydrolyzed Whey protein goes through additional processes (enzymatic hydrolysis) to breakdown the whey protein into smaller fragments. Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is easier for the body to absorb; it digests quickly and can normally be digested by individuals with allergies. Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is commonly used for infant formula and sports nutrition products.


Whey Protein Benefits:
There are numerous benefits linked to the consumption of whey protein, and it seems like new benefits are being discovered constantly. Some of the potential benefits individuals may experience from using whey protein include:

  • Help Control Weight
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Improved Immune System
  • Decreased Stress
  • Reduced Hunger


Whey Protein Precautions and Potential Side Effects:
Some individuals that are affected with milk allergies may be allergic to whey. Otherwise, when Whey Protein is consumed in moderation there normally aren’t any side effects. A common daily dosage is generally about 1 to 2 scoops (around 25 to 50 grams), and is normally consumed after workouts. I strongly recommend that you follow the manufactures dosage instructions since consuming excessive amounts of whey protein may cause:

  •    Intestinal distress
  •    Cramps
  •    Loss of appetite
  •    Nausea
  •    Headache
  •    Fatigue

Best Whey Protein Powder Summary

Years ago whey proteins were primarily used by body builders. However, given the health benefits that may be obtained by regular use of this protein I consider whey protein to be one of the few supplements that virtually everyone should consume on a regular basis.

Using whey protein is an easy way to increase your daily intake of protein by as much as 25 to 50 grams. This can be essential if you’re a body builder, gym enthusiast, need to lose weight or are simply in need of adding more protein to your daily diet.

Keep in mind that not all whey protein powders are created equal. There are 100+ different whey protein powders available and many aren’t worth the money. You want to make sure you select a pure, quality protein powder that can help you reach your goals. Whey protein powder is a supplement and, any supplement can react differently on different individuals. Always follow the manufactures instructions and their dosage recommendations.

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