Best Rowing Machine for Home Reviews 2019

best rowing machine 2019It’s well known that rowing is an excellent form of exercise. But, rowing on the open water is not a viable option for most people. However, if you still want to achieve the great cardiovascular workout that rowing can provide, a rowing machine is a great option. Rowing machines can help improve fitness, toning and can really help you shed some unwanted pounds. These are just a few reason why a rowing machine is one of the more popular pieces of exercise equipment with both men and women. With a quick search of the internet you will find there are a number of rowing machines available. However, we are going to help you find the best rowing machine for home.

Best Rowing Machine for Home at a Glance

The Best Rowing Machine Resistance Types:

Magnetic-resistance: Quiet and smooth. Magnetic rowing machines are ideal for precise measuring of a workout and provides very accurate resistance. The downfall of these models is that they are often heavier and larger than other resistance-types.

Air-resistance: Equipped with an air flywheel. Air rowing machines may come with a resistance tension option to make a workout more difficult by altering the amount of air allowed to pass into the flywheel, however not all air rowers offer this option. The downfall with this model is usually a lack of resistance adjustment and high noise production. However arguably the best and most popular model is the Concept 2 rowing machine.

Water-resistance: As close to real rowing as an indoor rowing machine can get. Using water as resistance, these models simulate rowing in actual water. There is a lack of resistance adjustment with all water-resistance rowers, but rowing faster will produce further resistance. These models are often heavy due to the water needed for resistance and they are often very expensive. See our WaterRower Review if you want to see one of the best water rowers available on the market.

Hydraulic-resistance: The arm workout rower. Hydraulic-resistance often includes handlebars that provide more of an arm workout than the good leg workout other models provide. Resistance adjustment is an option with hydraulic-resistance, and these models are often able to be folded for further space-saving benefits. The downside is that hydraulic-resistance provides less of a full body workout and less range of motion, however if you are looking for a cheap rowing machine this is most likely the type of resistance you will want.

As you can see, all of the resistance types have their own benefits and their downsides. Even the best rowing machine may be a little noisy or bulky compared to other models, but the benefits of rowing far outweigh these minor nuances.

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