Apr 07 2014

Dog Weight Vest

Dog Weight VestDo you have a dog with way too much energy or a pup that could use to lose a few pounds? If this sounds familiar, a weighted vest for your four legged friend may be just what you need. A dog weight vest will help your pooch build muscle and stamina, plus it will help to tire them out and according to some dog trainers it can produce a calming affect.


Dog Weight Vest Function

This weighted vest is designed to serve two basic functions.

  • The first is to aid in building muscle and strength in your pet during exercise and it helps to increase stamina and endurance.
  • The second is to help tire your dog out. If your dog is dominant or aggressive, this vest helps burn excess energy. If your dog is tired they will tend not to be dominant or aggressive!

Weighted Vest Use

  • Introduce your dog to the vest slowly over a few training sessions.
  • Slid the weight vest over their head, and center the back over the shoulders. You want the vest to center the weight over the dogs’ withers to prevent pain and strain.
  • Slowly add weight and observe how your dog reacts. If they are exhausted after a few minutes in the vest remove some weight. If the vest doesn’t seem to affect them then, add some weight during your next session.


Weighted Vest Warnings

  • Remove the vest if they get too hot. To prevent heat stroke, work your dog during the coolest part of the day.
  • Do Not use the vest on dogs under 2 years old. Dogs continue to grow until they reach maturity, usually between 18 – 24 months. Over working or exercising your dog while they are still developing can damage their joints.


Vest Construction

  • This vest is made from heavy cordura denier backed fabric, it is double stitched in construction.
  • On the underside, along the upper back and shoulder area, the chest and girth strap is sheepskin lined.
  • The vest has individual zippered pockets with one-pound weights in the medium and large vest. There are ten pockets and ten weights in the large vest, and eight pockets and eight weights in the medium. There small are eight zippered pockets with half-pound weights (four on each side) on the small vest. This allows your to start training your dog with no weight, then slowly add weight as they become accustomed to the vest.

How to Measure For a Dog Weight Vest

  • If your dog’s girth is 22″ – 24″ you need the Small Vest.
  • If your dog’s girth is 27″ – 31″ you need the Medium Vest.
  • If your dog’s girth is 34″ – 36″ you need the Large Vest.

This dog weight vest has a consumer rating of 5 out of 5 however, this is based on only three reviews.

Of course, a weighted vest for dogs is an option for all dogs not just the one’s that are a little over active or need to shed a few pounds. This weighted vest can be used for the additional health benefits it can provide for your pooch during a daily stroll around the neighborhood, for a special hike or even during play time in your backyard.

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